michał biela

by Michał Biela

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Tę płytę można ściągnąć bez żadnych opłat. Jednak jeśli podoba Ci się moja muzyka, będę bardzo bardzo wdzięczny za jakąkolwiek kwotę. Można też zamówić CD bezpośrednio ode mnie - wystarczy napisać maila, a ja podam szczegóły. Dziękuję i pozdrawiam, Michał.

This record may be downloaded for free. However, any amount for the download will be really helpful. You may also order a CD directly from me - write me for details. Thank you, Michał.


released April 18, 2014

music & words by Michał Biela / recorded on 3-4, 9 March 2014 & mixed by Michał Kupicz in Warsaw, Poland / Michał Biela: vocals, baritone guitar / Małgorzata Penkalla: vocals, electric guitar, violin / Magdalena Gajdzica: vocals, keyboard / Karolina Rec: vocals, cello, keyboard / artwork by Hanna Cieślak hannacieslak.tumblr.com



all rights reserved


Michał Biela Warsaw, Poland

Michał Biela - gra lub grał w zespołach Kristen (kristenband.bandcamp.com), Ścianka, Kings of Caramel.

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Track Name: One summer night
Take your car one summer night,
take your friends and drive.
Not a word – and dive into the night.
When you leave this frantic town,
turn your high beams on
and dive into the darkest night.

Leave what you know behind you,
these fake city lights.
On this minor road
they won’t blind you;
the dark's good for the sight..

Roe deer will pass the road
to show you’re not alone
in the light of the non-asking moon.
Sometimes you’ll pass a house with black and silent eyes;
you’ll pass it when you head for the hills.

It’s my favorite view of this town,
from hills miles away.
From here all its lights make sense now;
it’s time to come back.

Take your car one summer night.
Track Name: Flood water
The water came and took the street;
it flooded the basement where I kept my books I hoped I'd read.
And it filled the house with rubble and mud,
and it smashed all the windows and took all my clothes and tore them apart.

So all is gone in a blink in a minute.
I used to have home but now I have none.
It seemed so undone. Now it's done.
Can you believe it? I used to have something but now it's gone...

Then came the wind and took the roof.
It started to suck all the things from inside and it made the walls move. And it took the house; took it up to clouds
where it whirled and span and went upside down before it hit the ground.

So all is gone in a blink in a minute.
I thought I had something but now it's gone.
It all seemed undone; now it's done can you believe it?
I used to have something.
But now it’s gone.
Track Name: Ugly sounds
When I first saw these sad grey blocks of flats,
I had no clue that they would be my place.
They stood next to an ugly church
which pierced the air with coarse and chilling bells;
its shape and color didn’t feel like home
or a house of God...

First night I dreamt that I was hovering
under the ceiling, kept by an evil thing.
And then the bells, they woke me up;
their chilling sound had made the nightmare stop.
And so I learnt that even ugly sounds
can be alright…

When I feel strong that I don't have a place,
when I feel lost in a dark and hopeless maze,
I know there are sounds abound
with which I hope to stand another round.
And so I listen, and I play these sounds
to be alright.
Track Name: Tree
The tree seems dead,
winter-clad in early June.
Naked twigs miss their leaves;
like I do, I miss them too.

My fat neighbor
with a few soft cuts
made the tree quite bare.
A sorcerer!

We can prune
things we fear grow astray.
In this zest we are best

All that's left
by this urge to prune
is a naked tree
in early June.
Track Name: Treasure chest
There's a treasure chest
below the waves of stormy seas.
It is where shipwrecks rest;
it's guarded by an ugly beast.

And I will make a dive
though I don't know the way,
and I will seize the chest
and hold the beast at bay.

Now it's dark below
the heavy clouds with rain and hail,
but this I always know:
there is the sun, the sun is shining there.

And I will build good wings
and fly through the rain and hail
to reach the deep blue sky,
to feed my hungry eyes.

There’s a world outside to which I owe it all.
And there's a heart inside that I should use to love.

So when the chest is open
under the shining sun,
I'll know that it was worth it
and that my job is done.

And so my job is done.
Track Name: Waxwings
When I saw you on a frozen rowan tree,
so calm I had to stop and see.
Oh, how can I learn from you, my friends?

So calm you barely make a sound.
You never crash though always in a crowd.
How can I learn from you?

In this town of men I'm working, I’m working.
In this town of men I'm shaking, I’m shaking.
I can't depart like you do and go south, go south.
Or maybe at my heart I can go and go south,
go south, go south, go south.
Track Name: Oh little darling
Oh little darling, what have you done?
You move things around, you wake me at dawn.
You smile when you plan another mischief.
You're not aware of the lessons you give;
the new dawn.
Track Name: Bomb
They found a bomb under her street.
Evacuation was fast and neat.
But she is old and got not phone.
So she feels stranded, she’s on her own.
She can’t call her son.
Where would she go?
Where would she go?

And now I know and now I see a thousand bombs
under my street I hope no one will excavate
so I don’t have to evacuate
from my sweet home my home sweet home my home sweet home
with sugar walls.